Did You Know, Every Bill, Mortgage, Direct Debit You Have Ever Paid Is Fraudulent!

Have you ever felt you were financially cursed?? Stuck on a hamster wheel, wearing yourself out, getting nowhere? A few months ago I was almost physically sick when I learnt, that from the day our birth is registered we become a dead entity – a corporation. We are controlled and owned by the Queen of England, the British Crown, the Vatican and whoever purchased us as a bond on the stock exchange. 

Worth Your Weight in Gold – now you learn where this saying originates from. You are worth your weight at birth in gold. This bond is mainly bought by the Chinese and traded on the NYSE, betting on your life failures, divorce, illness and eventual death.

Water and Maritime Law

Think of the baby in its mother’s womb, safe and secure in a sack of water. At the time of berth the baby exits via the berth canal, a dock-tor assists, bringing you into the world, as a vessel into a dock. Then a live berth certificate is created. Your CQV Trust which the Queen of England signs, (no matter which country you live in), bears your Birth Certificate N° and eventually your National Insurance N°. These combined create a traceable bond played on the NYSE, and before your feet can touch the ground, you become a straw man. (There is also a dark reason, why our feet do not touch the ground when we humans are born).


Yet, we are all under UCC,  Uniform Commercial Code, the strongest most powerful law in the world and there is a remedy! Watch this powerful, informational video, empower yourself by finding out how you can take back responsibility and become sovereign.

Visit the site of Peter Wilson to access the forms necessary to take action to become sovereign. Visit his YouTube channel for more instructions.

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