Good v Evil – Welcome to the Grand Awakening

It’s not about Trump and CoVeed nineteen is a cover. The latter originally to have us slowly through fear, become more and more submissive ‘for our own safety’ and not notice the severity of control we were coming under until it was too late.

What we are going through now is biblical. Was the bible warning us of now, rather than what happened back then?

A small handful of people, 4 families, the puppet masters of the 13 banking families ruling the world, their history going back thousands of years and now their time has ended. JFK tried to resolve this problem and was ‘assassinated’, Trump is finishing off the job. Some say England might be the last of all the countries to be set free from these evil shackles, we are the sheeple, the ones oblivious, brainwashed by the media and still very fast asleep. The British crown, the catalyst of all the corruption along with the evil Vatican so desperate to take over the powerful USA, once accomplished, then accelerate the plan to take over the world.

The link below is 107, Juan o Savin, (some say he is JFK Jr, I personally, am not too sure if he is but I do believe he is alive), explaining how the media can make you believe anything they want you to. How much have you fallen for? Fake Hollywood, Disney, monarchy, politicians, bankers, philanthropists, charities, UN, wars, ‘natural disasters’ ALL FAKE! Cann Abalism, missing children.

Click on this link to learn more Lets go back to 1776

Please note there are thousands of amazing digital warriors globally, doing their bit for humanity. Every day, normal, down to earth human beings, who have to set themselves up on video in such a way to get the truth exposed. In many of these links are ads for affiliate health and wellness products, these brave people have to earn a living in some shape or form whilst they give up so much of their precious time and energy on research. This is not the conventional way of getting the news out that we are used to. Today there is only one narrative being played out publicly, let go of judgement and allow your heart to tell you what feels right. This is the resistance, the alliance at work, saving our humble arses!

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