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Messages From The Universe

You can have anything that you desire

This might be a bit cheesy, (the 80’s video is definitely grate cheese, ha), but I felt I had to share this as it might mean something to someone else. The person who came to mind, in my reading, relating to this video, may see this.

These last few months with all the heightened planetary energies, and the rising of human consciousness, my psychic abilities have been off the scale. Experiencing so many vivid dreams, visions, and receiving messages and signs, through songs, birds, cloud formation, car registration plates, and telepathy……. I’ve had to commit myself to journaling.

For over a week, I have woke up to this old song from my twenties in my head, mentally singing the first lines of the chorus over and over again, intermittently throughout the day. When this sort of thing happens, I search on YouTube and find the lyrics to understand what the message is conveying. This is how spirit, the universe communicates with us. The more we take note and trust these messages, the more spirit communicates with us.

Recently, I have been eager for more psychic activity. It fascinates me and I thrive on it, asking to be shown what it is I need to focus on next. I love reading the tarot cards but haven’t felt quite confident enough to really go for it, at the same time knowing I need the practice to get back into it again.

Finally, I searched for this song, “You Can Do Magic” by America, I remember it being in the charts all those years ago, but didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time. Singing along to this video, the words naturally coming to me, I instantly understood the message I was receiving.

You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire!

Watching the band play, paying attention to the lyrics, I gasped with surprise, as a deck of playing cards were shown being cut and spread. I instantly knew it was a sign to believe in myself, get out of my own way, take imperfect action – JUST DO IT!!!.

As the video came to a close, a few cards were spread, so I took a screenshot, and pulled my tarot deck, matching the playing cards, to see if there was a more in-depth message. Yes, a message there for me too; Someone from my past wanting to reach out to me but not sure how to approach me, concerned I might not be too happy to receive news from this person, overthinking the situation.

Well if that person reads this blog, know I would love to hear from you, without judgment, We are all clearing old habits, patterns and many of us are going through the dark night of the soul, being forced to wake up to our truth and enlightenment.

You know who you are!

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healing, Strange Encounters

When Your Intuition Is On Fire!

Life becomes so much fun and flows with ease when you abolish drama and negativity, especially other people’s drama and negativity, many thrive on it! Living in a state of bliss and peace is so empowering and really easy to do once you become your own master. I feel like the High Priestess in the Tarot deck these days.

Intuitive – connected to pure source

Living consciously and in the present, heightens your senses. You start to feel energy, good and bad. Yes, unfortunately dark third dimensional energy from people around you will try and sneak in to wreak havoc with your tranquility. Negativity breeds negativity. But hold strong, when you live with purpose, in peace and bliss, your spirit guides will step in to protect you if you ask, always ask, you have self will and they can not intervene without your permission.

I know for certain I am divinely protected, I always have been, I just haven’t always realised this. Years of chaos and trauma was necessary to wake me up to finally surrender as I kicked, screamed put up resistance, determined to control my situations with my limiting belief that only I could make things happen.

My spirit guides have always sent me messages and signs, it’s only these last 3 years I began to really listen and trust in them.

Recently, I’ve had a strong feeling of an energy ‘spying’ on me, possibly here on my site. Not the same as someone viewing my site out of interest and for help, but an energy of lower vibration, staking me out. Perhaps someone feeling threatened or jealous.

Signs and messages come in all shapes and forms. Feathers, butterflies, over hearing someone speak of something that is relevant to you, bill boards, car registration plates, songs.

Experiencing this ‘spying’ energy from time to time, I was receiving signs as confirmation. In the supermarket recently, this song below, Private Eyes was playing in the background …….. hmmmm?!! Then Rockwell, “It always feels like somebody’s watching me”, remember that one? You know when you receive a sign, you feel it in your heart and gut, not in your head/mind. There is no such thing as coincidence!

It’s not paranoia, because I don’t really care, in-fact, I find it comical, hence writing a little blog about it, they may read it! I like to do random things, makes life more interesting.

If ever you experience this form of psychic attack, just send it back, RETURN TO SENDER!! If you work with energy you will need to protect yourself. A simple powerful protection method is visualising yourself in a shield of mirrors. Around you, above and below you, the mirrors facing out – so anything negative will reflect right back to whoever sent it.

Practise feeling in alignment. Find time to sit quietly and tune in, centre yourself and ask, “how am I feeling right now?” Refuse to allow anything to bring you down below a certain level of being. I have an imaginary line and I have to be on it or above it. If a situation or person brings me below this line, I address and correct it.

Sometimes, it’s a lesson, or a challenge to help you grow, evolve, question it, learn from it but never stay there. If something isn’t good for you, you will feel it lower your energetic frequency, you will feel off balance, out of sorts, unaligned with your soul.

Set your boundaries and correct it, become conscious and present again. Breathe and say ‘NEXT’

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Strange Encounters

Strange Encounters

From being a child, right through to my early thirties, I experienced some scary stuff. Paranormal stuff, that you couldn’t really talk about to anyone. I grew up in a loving, stable family environment, so nothing untoward there to influence my psych as such, yet I was definitely being psychically attacked.

From the age of 2, a big black dog under my bed would have me screaming for my Mummy and Daddy, frightening the hell out of me. As I got older into my teens I would feel a force, like a hurricane type wind coming, I would feel my hair blow and stand on end and I would levitate, (whether I physically did or not, I don’t know), above my bed, absolutely terrifying. This often happened when I was stressed over something. Drawing in my minds eye the Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei and repeating the Lords Prayer, finally stopped this happening, when I learnt to control it from a subconscious state. A story for another time.

When I learnt Reiki in my middle thirties, past life memories started to surface, I would have memory recall flashes whilst doing self healing and very vivid ‘dreams’, I’m not quite sure what to call them as I would be conscious of being very awake, yet not in my body.

My journey into past lives, started just after attaining my Reiki II Practitioner level. One morning I awoke to find I wasn’t in my bed. I was in a forest and desperately dragging the torso of a young blonde girl to safety, her arms and legs dismembered. There was a light covering of snow on the ground and I seemed to be in a sort of ditch, where a stream would have run but there was no water. Behind me was an entrance to a tunnel or large pipe, to which I dragged her to, for shelter. The moment I became consciously aware of what was going on from my human perspective, I was back in my bed.

It was such a clear, ‘real’ experience, I wondered if I’d had a premonition of a young girl being abducted/kidnapped. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Whilst at work I called my Mum in the UK, I was living in France at the time, and asked her if anything had been on the news, she said not. I then spoke to a friend who had done the Reiki training with me and she suggested it could have been me and to speak to our Reiki Masters/Teachers. We had 2, a French lady and an English lady who worked together travelling the world, teaching Reiki. The French lady intuitively felt, I had experienced a past life and to have some regression therapy to dig deeper into what it was about and why it had surfaced.

What came from that session was not at all what I expected but made total sense. It was quite shocking and traumatic, and seemed to be the most recent past life I had encountered. It had been me who had been murdered and my spirit self was still trying to save and protect my physical self. There was a lot more detail which I have put together in a book, when I finally get round to finishing it, as what unravelled in my life moving forward all started to make sense as the dots joined together.

I was fascinated with the past life theory and further past life regressions, through hypnotherapy, did help make sense to why I was having these experiences. Today, learning that we have all been living under satanic control, psychopathic world leaders and more, feeding off our fear for thousands of years, these past life encounters make more sense now than ever.

I believe I have chosen to be here, as a human being, at this time, to finally see justice for all the wrong doings and persecution against the human race, especially our children throughout centuries gone by. The wheel of karma is coming to a halt, a great reset is happening, not just on a monetary basis but for humankind itself and planet Earth. (Not the bad version of the reset, we escaped that by the skin of our teeth).

Some may think I’m absolutely crazy writing this but more people are now speaking out about these strange encounters and feeling psychically attacked and held back through life.

An illusion – Forgetting Everything is All Right

The illusion of fear is evaporating as many of us, raise our energetic frequency and return back to the safety, trust and love of the Christ/God consciousness, which was slowly and surely being stripped away from us.

It’s very important to understand and put into practice; anything fear based is false, it’s not real and only serves to attract more fearful events in our lives. I know because I was a very fearful person for years. My life has changed considerably for the better, whenever I have to make a decision, asking myself, “Does this raise my vibration or lower it? Especially with what is going on around us today.

If you have experienced strange paranormal encounters, feel free to let me know. It is time to voice them, we are starting to wake up to the incredible power and love we possess and to remember that we are sovereign and safe, living, breathing, beautiful souls.

Love Conquers All