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Weekly Tarot Reading For The Collective 23 – 30 January 2022

If you own crystals they could be screaming out to you right now to be cleansed and recharged. In the coming days, you may be called to use them for self-healing and the healing of others. Distant Healing may be necessary for friends and family members.

The power of crystals has been greatly underestimated yet used in technology along with physical silver. The energy of the ‘Crystals’ card is showing me that so much we believed to be a myth is going to be exposed. The Elementals, unicorns, magical beings actually exist in other realms on our planet.

We are being told to trust the process and go with the flow of what is to be revealed. Hold no fear, there will be a transition we will have to experience and adjust to.   Something coming to light through the crystal energy could shock many but will be wonderful at the same time. Truths to be revealed, yet not to panic. We are absolutely safe. 

You may be concerned about bank accounts as we transition into a new monetary system but all is well, in fact, there will be more abundance for everyone on the planet bringing more prosperity to the world not just monetary but in all aspects of our lives, things are about to change massively and for the better.

Trust what’s coming and go with the flow, don’t try to resist anything, understand there’s going to be a massive flow of prosperity.   We are moving away from stressful times possibly having one more obstacle to get over but we’re not giving up. We’re almost there! We will be rewarded. 

Similar to last weeks’ reading, I feel someone of a very strong spiritual connection, humble and kind, who loves humanity, will bring in some news, a great reveal of truth, this person operates with the highest integrity.

An energetic shift occurs to open up our heart chakras,  enabling us to trust and love one another unconditionally, without judgment and division. opening to receiving love,

On an Individual-level, someone who has a lot of love for you could be leaving a toxic situation and heading straight towards you.  This person has never given up on you.  They could feel concerned that you may have your guard up.  You have changed, matured, and will only want the truth.

Queen of Swords

You’ve persevered through some challenges and hardships yourself and have overcome many obstacles. This soulmate connection could be formed or rekindled.  Moving forward, this relationship will be based on truth, integrity, and openness.  Someone you have been intuitively expecting to show up, could very well contact you and arrange a meet up/date.

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Love, light, and blessings

Karen Lesley

Disclaimer: Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes only and should be used as a guidance tool to get more spiritual insight into the situation. It should NOT be used in place of professional, medical, business, or legal advice. MindMastery 2020 and myself Karen Lesley Rowe, is not responsible for your actions and behaviours.


Pendulum Healing – A Great First Aid Healing Tool

In the past, I have played with pendulums for Yes and No answers to questions. I never found it accurate except for using the pendulum over the chakras to confirm if blockages had been released, during Reiki healing sessions.

During lockdown, I put some of my time to use in studying and invested in a pendulum healing course. The course was provided online by Erich Hunter, he makes stunning pendulums.

The results I’m achieving are almost instant and the process taking only a few minutes. This is distant healing, you don’t have to physically be with me!

A very special and long time friend of mine, called me to say she was struggling with severe migraines. I suffered for years with them, so I totally understand how debilitating they are. Looking after her 2 year old granddaughter on a regular basis, was a concern to her, causing more stress, worrying if she would be well enough to cope. She had tried so many alternative remedies as well as pharmaceutical drugs over the last few years. Eliminating certain foods from her diet and nothing was shifting for her. I told her she could be my first case study with the pendulum healing.

I’ve had this pendulum for many years. It has circular discs of semi precious stones representing the chakras.

For about 10 minutes I sat spinning the pendulum, opening up the vortex and demanding any past trauma and emotions from this life and past lives which no longer serve her highest good to be removed. The results were incredible, she went weeks without a migraine, then one day felt one coming on so called me again and we nipped it in the bud. She has been amazed at the results and so relieved.

Her granddaughter was having the ‘terrible two’ tantrums so I worked on this with the pendulum, the tantrums stopped.

She also mentioned that her daughter was concerned that there was some malevolent energy/spirit in her home, which was an old converted pub, out in the sticks. She had horses and was catching a glimpse of something dark when visiting the stables. The pendulum healing shifted this too. No more disturbing experiences.

I have since done many healings on my children, and my grandson, who is 5, who went through a phase where he was being very awkward for no apparent reason. As soon as my daughter told me, I performed a healing session and overnight, he became the sweetest little boy again.

If you are in need of a quick fix, contact me, don’t suffer, it’s worth a try. I believe we are all clearing dark negative energy right now, lifetimes of fear, poverty and persecution. The pendulum healing helps to stir up and spin it out of existence, freeing you to be the best version of yourself.

This is a very powerful guided meditation by Steve Noble, ideal for clearing negative influences/entities/energy, assisting you on your ascension journey. Enjoy!!

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Reiki Hugs – Do You Need One?

How are you feeling?  The world is becoming very crazy right now, as humanity is forced into questioning the false narrative being played out through the mind programming machine. We are experiencing a great shift in consciousness, the most historical event the planet has ever known.  Yet many are still unaware. Nothing like this has happened since, Atlantis and Lemurian times.

As Mother Earth shifts into 5D, we also have to raise our energetic frequency, returning to our true essence and to rise above the ‘establishment’, (the banking families and their puppet masters), controlling us.  They are doing everything they can to keep us stuck in fear, which is why we are seeing so much chaos and nothing making sense, but they are failing miserably. You won’t realise this if you are still watching main stream news.

Covid has been a course of action since WW2, to accelerate the global reset, the perfect excuse to establish the NWO.  But that isn’t happening, we had a lucky escape.  This virus gave humanity the opportunity to see how corrupt the world leaders were. We are heading for the most incredible times and we chose to be alive on this planet, to witness this massive historical event. Everything is as it should be……even if you are struggling emotionally, mentally and financially, so lets get back to how you are feeling? 

Confused, frustrated, scared, anxious, so many different emotional, mental, spiritual variants are playing out in peoples lives.  Many of you are suffering from physical ascension symptoms too, as we let go of the old trauma, imprinted in our DNA, from this life and past lifetimes. We are doing quantum leaps in consciousness, then our body has to physically catch up. So you may also be experiencing the following:

Physical aches and pains, nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, or hyper activity, headaches, itchy blurry eyes, fear, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, irrational mood swings. Senses heightened, telepathy kicking in, increase in psychic awareness.

Working as a holistic therapist, my clients can’t wear a mask during their treatments, they need to breathe deeply and relax into a meditative state to heal.  Emotions can surface and sometimes they need to cry and express themselves feeling safe to do so.

More than ever, people need what I have to offer, so I’m not holding back anymore, the government is lying to us and MSM is just spewing out fearful propaganda.  Have you ever visited the gov.uk site? It’s there for all to see, for those who can be bothered to research.  

Since March 2020, still not classed as a high consequence infectious disease

So how long are we going to put up with these non sensical, ridiculous guidelines, that are not laws and they can not take away your God given right to freedom and to breathe.

If you need to talk, I do zoom video calls, online coffee and a chat, distant healing and hypnotherapy.  If you’re more daring and have had enough of this tyranny, wanting hands on healing, I will do home visits or you can come to mine and I will also give you a Reiki hug.

** Report me and karma will bite you in the arse!!

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