Council tax is a fraudulent tax you have been made to believe you MUST PAY.

Conjured up amounts with only a fraction of the millions reaped from each household going towards emptying your bins and other local services.

Since March 2020, thousands have found themselves unable to work in the UK because of the scammed emic, struggling financially and no deferral of paying this extortionate monthly/yearly fabricated bill. To stick the knife in even more, many people also received statements for suddenly discovered arrears for previous years, they had no idea about. I was one of them.

As big tech and the media work together, censoring anything that goes against their puppet masters’ narrative, the Telegram app has become very popular for truth seekers to connect worldwide on many different subjects. A large movement, to withdraw from paying council tax lawfully, swept the nation at the beginning of 2021, several groups, led by knowledgeable people, some qualified in common law, many with past experiences in dealing with this matter, were established and shared. One afternoon alone, over 850 new people joined and more are joining every day.

There is a lawful procedure to follow and steps to be taken. We are not refusing to pay this fabricated ‘bill’, (you never receive a bill only a statement, that we never signed for, contracted with or consented to, they have nothing bearing our true wet signature), we are simply questioning – what is our money being spent on?

As ridiculous coveed, guidelines and regulations, (not laws) opened up a can of worms, for those intelligent enough to investigate, we discovered mass corruption going on within our own councils, government, together with other world leaders. Public evidence, which they are refusing to acknowledge.

The first notice sent to the CEO of your local council, questions the crimes taking place against humanity which a very large portion of your money is funding, also your personal data being shared by them. Are you happy about that?

Here is an excerpt of that notice:

The issue is not whether taxes should be paid, it is the fraudulent behaviour of the authorities and the failure to hold these individuals accountable for abusing their positions that needs to be addressed.

Evidence of Crimes

It is now evidenced that SPECIFIC COUNCIL is a private corporation, registered number on the US Securities & Exchange Commission, as evidenced by D-U-N-S number [123456], as a private corporation. This is evidence that SPECIFIC COUNCIL are acting fraudulently as a Foreign Agent/Corporation and trading securities without a licence.

Under the Clearfield Doctrine, a Supreme Court Case, Clearfield Trust Co. v. United States, (1943) 318 US 363-371, when the State or government enters into commercial business, it abandons its sovereign capacity and is to be treated like any other corporation. The Clearfield Doctrine strips SPECIFIC COUNCIL of its “government” cloak and any protection that it offers. Because of this, you are also in direct violation of the Seven Principles of Public Life, also known as The Nolan Principles:–2

It is our innerstanding that SPECIFIC COUNCIL cannot force, living; men or women to perform, without consent and compensation, void of a lawful obligation or mutually signed, beneficial, performance contract. Any contract offered without; complete and full-disclosure, without our freely-expressed consent, is fraudulent from the outset therefore, null and void. 

Furthermore, we also have reasonable cause to believe, and evidence to suspect, criminal activity that HM government, HM armed forces and HM parliament is involved in. The only requirement for us to withhold payment, being that of supplying supporting evidence to demonstrate that funds have been and are being used to support criminal activity. See several exhibits of evidence here: 

We also provide further publications that we are aware of that causes us great anxiety. 

  1. The Government has ignored calls to stop selling weapons to repressive regimes, including Saudi Arabia, which has been accused by UN bodies of potentially committing war crimes in its military operation in Yemen against Houthi rebels. Both the European Parliament and the House of Commons International Development Committee have called for exports to the autocracy to stop, but the Government says it has not seen evidence of Saudi war crimes. 
  1. UK government is guilty of aiding-abetting and funding false flag attacks including 7/7 London bombing. 

Our concerns have been further exacerbated by an article we have been made aware of in a publication reported in the Guardian newspaper dated 8th May 2006

For emphasis, we highlight the following details:

  • Almost all local authorities in Britain hold investments in the world’s largest weapons companies, according to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act. The figures show that they invest £723m in 15 of the largest international arms companies. This is more than double what local authorities spend on promoting local enterprise and new businesses across Britain, says the campaign against the Arms Trade, Caat, which conducted the FoI exercise request.
  • It also found that 67 of Britain’s 99 council pension funds invest nearly £244m in BAE Systems, the UK’s largest arms company. One in three council pension funds help to finance the manufacture of nuclear weapons through investments in Lockheed Martin, the world’s largest arms company, according to Caat. It says they are investing £20m in Lockheed, which manufactures Trident nuclear missiles for the US and Britain and is a contractor at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment, which produces and maintains the UK’s nuclear warheads.
  • Of the 88 council funds which provided information, all but two invest in arms manufacture. Three in five councils invest in companies manufacturing cluster bombs or their components. General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon all produce cluster munitions or their components, according to Human Rights Watch. The study found that 33 councils hold investments worth £33m in Halliburton, the US military services conglomerate whose subsidiaries in Iraq are embroiled in allegations of overpricing and faulty accounting. Halliburton denies the allegations

By us ignoring these facts and allegations we believe we could be implicating ourselves as accessories to Conspiracy, War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, Child Trafficking, Child sex trafficking, High Treason, Terrorism, Fraud and potentially many other laws, we are unaware of. 

We are also aware of further crimes being perpetrated against the people, including:

  • Permitting 5G Installations in SPECIFIC boroughs, an unregulated technology without public insurance and proper risk assessment
  • Using tax funds for on and off shore investment activities, pension funds and illegal wars
  • Abuse of Powers, forced closure of businesses and lockdowns, intimidation/threats of fines and penalties
  • Installation of multiple surveillance systems to spy and collect data on its people
  • Police abuse of powers, criminal coercion, brutality, and interference in civil matters 
  • Rolling out of foreign corporation globalist plans, UN Agenda 2021/30 Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Operating in Bankruptcy as all Governments were foreclosed in 2013 (Motu Proprio 2013), therefore no Subject Matter Jurisdiction 

Currently, all local and central government are in violation of our Constitutional and Human Rights under:

  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948
  • The Bill of Rights 1689
  • Magna Carta 1215

We created Government, not the other way around!  Yet we have seen, consistently, nationally published evidence of police cover-ups on a national scale to protect high-ranking paedophiles abusing young children, for decades often facilitated by local councils mis appropriately using funds of Council Tax monies, to commit and cover-up by Child Protection Services and using secret family courts kidnapping and stealing children to commit disturbing and horrific crimes of abuse within the establishment, including members of Royalty, Heads of State, Chiefs of Police, Politicians, Councillors, Lords, Prime Ministers, bankers and even children’s (alleged) protection charities to gain access to vulnerable children. 

Therefore, we are obliged by Divine Law, Constitutional Law, International Laws and human conscience, to withhold all forms of support and funding of organised crime committed by the organisations responsible for that funding. 

Evidence of Fraud

If all of the above wasn’t enough we have also become aware of local councils stealing and siphoning Council Tax funds for personal gain. Councils creating fraudulent summons to members of the community and privately hiring public courts and employing staff to operate their fraudulent scheme and to rubber stamp liability orders.

Approximately £240 of Council Tax money (per dwelling) goes instantly into the Copper Bottom Pension Scheme (CBPS) for the local councillors. This amount of money is removed from every single Council Tax bill with the overall payment worked out on a percentage system. Say you pay £1000 over ten months at £100 per month, £24 per month is paid into the CBPS. If one million people are paying CT, that equates to £240,000,000.  If 10 million people are paying CT, that would create £2.4bn. 

For the record, under a formal Freedom of Information request to SPECIF!C COUNCIL and require actual full profit and loss accounting in respect of all of the following:

  • All pension funds and ALL investments using the proceeds of Council Tax.
  • Enforcing tax liabilities and charges including court charges minus appeals and damages incurred.
  • Enforcing any and all policies of ‘SPECIFIC COUNCIL’ upon the local community.
  • Enforcing evictions for non-payment of tax/arrears upon the local community.

Further to the above we include a Data Subject Access Request (SAR) for full disclosure as to why the unique account number [358023069096] is being used as a bank account number and is corresponding with the HMRC sort code: 08-32-10, showing the account is owned by CITIBANK NA. The IBAN number is owned by the great American private for profit conglomerate Bloomberg Group!

We have never given our express or written consent to share, hold or store our private data with any foreign entity, especially an international bank, which we find quite distressing.  Seemingly, a perpetual form of illegal slavery or bond. 

So you can see the fun we are having, and it is so very empowering! They only win when you give into their fear tactics.

With all that said, we require a substantial response from you directly, given the gravity of the evidence provided, and this merely scratching the surface of the actual truth!” 

Still waiting for a response since April 2021, their avoidance of answering these specific facts questioned in their threatening correspondence received in between. But we have no fear, holding strong and sovereign. Step into your power, wind them up, waste their time, we are within our rights as living, breathing souls.

If you would like to learn more and join the groups for some great support, here are the links: Council Tax Withdrawal: and Project No Mercy