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Weekly Tarot Reading For The Collective 15 – 22 January 2022

Kipper Deck by Ciro Marchetti

My question is, “What does the collective need to know for this coming week?”

My initial instinct when these cards popped out was, 3 prominent figures are going to let themselves be known very clearly. This will be an event that no one will have a choice but to hear and see. I only wanted 3 cards but the fourth card jumped out, therefore confirming to me, that the main lady is now older/more mature than when we last knew or saw this person. The ‘Official Person’ is someone of grandstanding, could be involved with the military, police, governmental services, and has great authority of some nature. What this person says goes and this person doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Light Seers Deck by Chris-Anne

Justice is coming, and I feel this is on a global scale!! I really didn’t expect this today, but I’m going with it. Someone is feeling left out, fed up of a situation, possibly feeling victimised. (A big divide has been created amongst friends and families). There is light shining on the door and a key to unlock this door enabling you to walk through. Are you hoping for a new chapter to begin?

We can choose to be the victim or the victor. Have we become disheartened as a collective, because of the global situation? Many, desperately waiting for good news to come, that could cause a shift in our reality. We could be ready to leave something behind, perhaps an old victim mentality, old lifetime patterns and behaviors, that no longer serve our highest good. Anticipating positive news of restrictions being lifted so we can get out/leave, have our freedom again to travel????!!!

And what a card to finish with, The World, a new cycle beginning! Life will never be the same again, we will never go back to that old way of being. Feeling grateful that we have come through an unimaginable experience. The world is our oyster, and justice has prevailed.

You could feel more connected spiritually, and for those already consciously connected, perhaps you are receiving downloads, light codes, sacred geometry, are you channeling light language?

There is no concept of time in the spirit world but I feel an announcement is going to be made, very soon, by someone who has a lot of authority and this person will be accompanied by a younger man and woman, who have a very important role to play in how we move forward. I feel the lady is now older than remembered.

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