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Not The Valentine Tarot Reading I Expected!

Asking the cards for messages of love as we approach Valentine’s Day 2022, this spread threw me off course a little and I nearly didn’t post it.  I did the second spread, for more confirmation, feeling I would get something with different energy but no?  

I do feel that with both spreads this will not be your average Valentine’s celebratory message. This is not about couples coming together, the meeting of soulmates and twin flames, or the rekindling of intimate relationships.  However, this is a very strong heartfelt message requiring us all to be open and ready to give help, support, and heal others, unconditionally. in the very near future.

I’m feeling this is very much to do with news coming out about children on a global scale. For the last 2 years, I have been fully aware of what’s been going on behind the smokescreen of covid, linked to children, which along with many other realities, has been purposely kept secret from the public for nefarious reasons.

This news will leave many in a state of shock we will find the need to go within, meditate in order to digest this information.  The ones already aware will emerge and come forward to help and comfort the newly awakened ones.  Healing will need to take place on a global scale.

We will need to come together to support and assist each other when this news is revealed, whether this happens in the coming week or a bit later.  It is imminent and I feel this message is to prepare us.

As I’ve said before there is no concept of time in the spirit world but this is the message that spirit wanted to pass onto us today. 

Even though I asked for guidance for the collective on love and relationships, celebrating Valentine’s Day, This second spread confirms the above message, Using a different deck we see the Wake-Up Call, a Tsunami type event, which can’t be stopped and in this case, shouldn’t be, as the tide retreats it reveals all that is hidden below the surface, then with uncontrollable force, returns destroying everything in its path. It will be a very emotional time. Truths being revealed, people we looked up to and trusted, gave our power away to, now exposed for who they really are.  There could even be revelations about certain people having a different genetic make-up than us humble, caring humans.  False and pretentious, camouflage and disguise came to mind.  Possible truths about certain people/global leaders/celebrities having the ability to shapeshift. 

The aftershock could leave us bewildered, feeling very vulnerable, lost, everything now in the open, no longer hidden. We will need to keep our minds focused with clear intentions to get through this coming phase. Mustering up all the strength we can gather.The Wolf card tells me that our natural protective and leadership instincts will kick in.  The wolf can be strong alone or in a pack, you could become a powerful leader or team player during these times.  Wolf is also very protective of her cubs/children.  These revelations will resonate with us and past events, we may have queried and put to the back of our minds, now make more sense than ever before. 

The card Dragonfly emergence,  Emergence has come out in both spreads.  Dragonflies usually only live 24-hours,  This will be a short sharp shock and this too shall pass.  Understand we are clearing the way for New Beginnings and moving forward towards a new and better existence.  This again is about the future of our children and their children!   I’m feeling that this reading is definitely a global message for humanity, this is not a basic Valentine’s love message, this is spirit wanting us to come together to open up our hearts as a collective to heal each other and know that we can create a better world for ourselves.  From darkness comes light, 1,000 years of peace for our kids!  It will be all worth it. When I finished  this reading I took note of the time 11/02/2022 @ 11:11

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Love, light, and blessings
Karen Lesley.
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Set Yourself Free From Karmic Ties! (free audio)

Planet Earth is going through some major shifts affecting the evolution of every human. As many of us awaken to new truths and are casting off the old self and the lies that humanity has been told, we may find that we no longer resonate with life long friends and even family members who remain in the fear and drama based, materialistic, third dimensional world, that we are choosing to leave behind.  You are ascending, your soul yearning for peace, love, true bliss and happiness, no longer chasing the stressful material world.

As we ascend to a higher frequency it becomes more difficult to be in the company and converse with people who choose to stay stuck in the fear and drama based programming.  This is their journey. We can let go lovingly and on an energetic level. Understand it is ok to set healthy boundaries around these people, especially if they lower our vibration.

Do you feel uplifted or drained in their company?

Everyone who comes into our life is a soul connection, teaching us, and we teaching them a valuable growth lesson.  Some we hang onto energetically longer than we should and this can keep us stuck repeating karmic cycles.  

This meditation with the assistance of Archangel Michael and his sword of blue light will cut the karmic, energetic cords attaching you to relationships that no longer serve your highest good.

Release From Karmic Cords
http://Chris Collins, https://indiemusicbox.com

Cutting karmic cords with Archangel Michael is a loving way of setting yourself free from people you are energetically and karmically connected to in this life and from many past lives. 

In most cases it creates a healthier relationship with that person and at a subconscious level can heal them too. Many will be intrigued with your shift in consciousness and be inspired and hopefully follow you or step back from your life.

As we work through the chakras, in the meditation, we release and dissolve any vows and contracts we have made with other souls; eg; vows of poverty, silence, marriage, enabling us to step into our power, feel safe being our authentic selves and open our hearts to being vulnerable without fear.

If there is a specific person you wish to energetically disconnect from, just visualise, sense or feel, (which ever sense is the strongest for you), the karmic cords/ties between you. Notice where they are on the body and mentally ask Archangel Michael to cut them.

Jetson White, The Universal Down Game/ Upside Down Game