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Weekly Tarot Reading For The Collective 6 – 13 February 2022

Who is undermining you? – The truth always prevails

So today we’re going to use the Kachina Knife spread, this gives more of a direct answer to your questions. As a collective your questions will be all different, this may not resonate with all of you, however, I’m going to try and give a general reading so that you may get clarification on the issue some of you may be dealing with.

As an individual, I feel you are standing firmly in your power, determined not to give up, or show weakness on a troublesome issue.. You could be so close to accomplishing a goal but still have one obstacle to tackle. You are not giving up!

You could feel stuck in a current situation that you don’t feel you have any control over. Outside influences could be very much at play here, preventing you from taking any action or moving forward. During this time be still and reflect because you may realise you have been given the chance to see this situation from a different perspective.

You may feel you have been left out of some situation, some event. This could be linked to a work/job situation. Some bullying/bitching/tittle-tattle going on behind the scenes. Not being invited to an event/meeting, confused and wondering why you were excluded. This isn’t in your imagination it is blatantly obvious but you feel powerless. You have decided to step back but you do have the option to speak up and enquire about what is going on.

You could be learning/studying something new but feeling you are being watched, undermined as if someone is waiting for you to fail, trip up, embarrass yourself. Someone can’t wait for you to look silly, you may even feel like you are treading on eggshells around this person.

Hold yourself in honor and feel empowered as fast new incoming energies are on their way to flush out this negative situation. It may feel hard to navigate as you could feel pulled in two directions. This is a challenge where you need to bring and harness your strengths from your old self and the new evolving self together. You are being asked here to really focus on your desired outcome. You will get through this victoriously! So let go of any fear or self-doubt.

The advice coming in from the Universe is telling you to just let go and rise above this situation. Stop worrying about what other people think or may say about you. You are enlightened and there is a sense of being set free from a toxic situation. A bigger plan is at play here. There is no need to compare yourself with others or feel you have to reach certain standards. You are unique and you have your own talents and strengths.

There is definitely confirmation of someone being very deceptive, this person could even believe their own lies and stories, that they fabricate to impress those around them. This person could enjoy belittling others in front of an audience.  Your light could be too bright for them to handle. They will be exposed for their behavior.

This person is definitely trying to undermine you so rise above this, no one can hurt you unless you allow them to. While this person is using up so much of their energy to plot and plan against you, you are being called to rise above this situation, just be you, and focus on yourself and your goals. Truth always prevails!

If this reading resonates with you and you would like further in-depth clarification of this situation, please

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Love, light, and blessings

Karen Lesley

Disclaimer: Tarot Readings are for Entertainment Purposes only and should be used as a guidance tool to get more spiritual insight into the situation. It should NOT be used in place of professional, medical, business, or legal advice. MindMastery 2020 and myself Karen Lesley Rowe, is not responsible for your actions and behaviors.


Are You Ready For The Next Chapter Of Your Life?

To this day you got through every challenge you have been faced with. You will have learnt great lessons in the process, if you’re still repeating the same patterns, then you are purposely making ego based bad decisions. (Often to please or impress others, how’s that working out for you?) Practise tuning in to and acting on your gut instinct. If it feels uncomfortable, then it’s not the right thing to do.

Drop the blame and victim mentality, be accountable and take responsibility for your actions. Take action, if it appears overwhelming, reverse engineer – envisage your goal and work backwards. Chunk down the journey, take baby steps, be flexible and open to change, you may be re directed. Don’t be hard on yourself!

The moment you make a decision, the universe works in your favour and things will be easy if you are coming from your heart and soul. Remember the universe rewards you when you love and better yourself, giving service to others in some form or fashion.

Delays and setbacks are protecting you. It might not be the right time just yet, synchronicity is at play and other people, places, situations are all part of the equation. Remain patient, surrender, trust and allow. Be open to receiving better than you could ever have imagined. Be grateful for every little thing in your life right now, including the lessons you’re learning.

If life doesn’t seem fair right now, (life can be bliss even in a plandemic), ask yourself, what is this issue/problem teaching me, what do I need to change? Who do I need to forgive, do I need to forgive myself? The greatest lesson humanity is learning right now is to let go of fear and to trust.

healing, Sovereign

Fear Attracts More To Be Fearful Of

What are you afraid of?

How many years have you struggled with fear, self doubt, obeying the system, being attacked from all sides? Finances, career, relationships?

Surrendering and letting go of the fear, the persistence, burning yourself out – to simply trusting and allowing, that whatever created us, does have our back and will provide for us – does work!!


WHOAAA, scary stuff! It means stepping out of your comfort zone, eliminating old patterns and an outdated belief system, which you were programmed with, (it wasn’t all your fault). It’s challenging, adventurous, and so very empowering……. it also brings you peace!

I double dare you to let go of that, which is no longer making you happy or serving your highest good!

When I look back at the stress and fear I have put myself through, believing I was doing ‘the right thing‘, I could have just let it go! It took me many years, with nothing more to lose, to take this leap of faith and put my trust into something that I couldn’t physically see, touch, hear, smell, taste.

The instant I made this decision to fully trust and allow, the most incredible events began to happen. Financial abundance came in from areas I never expected, I effortlessly won trips all over the world, with a company I was promoting and travelled to places I never thought I would visit. I continue to go with the flow and let life lead me, but it must give me joy. Joy is my discernment gauge, anything less I question. Everything I need is provided for me in some form or fashion. More than often, better than expected.

I feel I was being prepared for what is happening in the world today, ready to help others deal with similar life challenges. With the whole globe in fear and uncertainty, I’ve sailed through 2020 to this present day, with a chilled, carefree relaxed attitude. I even attracted a great group of likeminded people into my life, together, rebelling against all restrictions, having a great time!

Early morning, we would meet up, shoes off, to ground ourselves, (grounding is great for inflammation and releasing stagnant energy), a few warm up stretching exercises, sprinting, ending with a boogie, showing passers-by we have no fear and neither do we care about the Bogey V!

Barefoot Reggae

Twelve of us invaded a restaurant, each and everyone of us exempt from the mask wearing, and not explaining ourselves or showing justification either. Hugging as we greeted each other. The manager almost had a heart attack, (we gave him a big tip). Other diners watched, some giggling, they knew it was all ridiculous. Anyone so frightened of the Bogey V, wouldn’t have been in a restaurant.

We had parties at each other’s houses, sneaking home in the early hours. One of our friends, a professional singer, brought her mic and speaker. Belting out, “Young Hearts, Run Free” and many more 70s/80s/90s dance hits. No complaints from neighbours.

We would go cycling, even my 80 year old mum got on a bike, the first time since she was fourteen. After, we would all pile into another friend’s house for a game of table tennis.

Never once did we attract anything negative to stop us having fun. We weren’t put on this earth to suffer! When you live at a frequency of joy, love and laughter you attract more joy, love and laughter into your life. And the Bogey V can’t touch you!

It serves no purpose to carry remorse or regret, life lessons need to be learnt and some of us need a slap in the face, because we keep doing, what we believe to be ‘the right thing‘. Waking up, to no longer tolerating being manipulated or taken advantage of, it all happens in divine timing.

It’s a choice, just a choice to stop giving your power away to fear, and control from those who don’t have your best interests at heart.

Forget all the expensive life changing courses – no matter what your circumstances, just make a choice to be happy and never look back. If anyone around you doesn’t like this positive change in you, then you don’t need them in your life, let them go too. The universe abhors a vacuum, that space will be filled with something/someone better, matching your new frequency.