Where Are Our MEN?!!!

I’ve just seen in one of our UK telegram chat groups, that thousands of people over England Scotland, Ireland and Wales, the 4 Nations are signing up to be sworn in as the new Common Law Constabulary. Creating a lawful system that benefits us all under Common Law, Gods Law. We are taking back our country!! Real men standing up!

We the awaken people have had enough, and the longer the sleepers continue to wear masks and abide by these ridiculous ‘guidelines’, (that is all they are), for something that is less harmful than the common cold, (the ‘maxine’ being the real agenda to depopulate humanity), the longer and worse the situation will become, our human rights being stripped away from us.

I have been shocked to see so many men wearing masks, especially outside in the fresh air??? Whilst jogging and cycling. In the UK this hasn’t been asked of us but the fear that has been taken on board in people is shocking!

i know most don’t agree with it, they just want a hassle free, quiet life, well it will be freakin’ quiet when you’re in a FEMA camp, hooked up to 5Gee, brain cells frazzled and taken over by AI, no longer conscious as to what is going on – your soul snatched.

In my teens and early twenties, where I lived we had many gorgeous, muscly, strong armed men. Where are they now and their sons?

Introducing the TazMask

My children live in France and they experienced much tighter restrictions having to wear a masque outside. Curfews in place and carrying attestations on paper or phone stating what time they left their homes and why, they were limited to an hour, essential reasons only.

Rebellious like me, informed of the true agenda, they have continued living their lives as normal as possible, keeping their vibration high, not feeding into the drama, the fear and lies.

My son chose to make his own masque, from his girlfriend’s bra, it was probably more efficient than the paper, surgical ones. He will have no doubt enjoyed wearing it too. Like me they have laughed their way through this and taken the p***.

Unfortunately there are many who have suffered with mental health issues, depression and suicides, very young children too, these issues not mentioned on the main stream news.

Until you wake up – we will fight for you!

I like to wear this T Shirt when walking my dog. Recently divine timing brought the canal swing bridge down so a long queue of traffic formed, allowing me to double back and show off my chest text! I got a few smiles and thumbs up and a cheer from a lovely lady saying she supported me.

Many are in agreement and know this is the greatest hoax ever played on humanity. They just feel alone and scared to speak up. It is a lonely journey being labelled a ‘conspiracy theorist’, but I’m proud I did my bit for my children and future generations to come and I absolutely applaud and send love and protection out to those who are truly fighting for our freedom, such as Francis and the men and women signing up to form a new system that will benefit us all.

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